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Metalize PEEK, Ultem®, PPS, Nylon
and most other difficult plastics with functional and appearance platings. Even new polymers such as direct digital manufacturing Ultem® 9085 and UV curable SLA materials can be done.

Surface Activation® combined with MacDermid Corporation's Macuplex SA® chemistry gives platings of exceptionally high adhesion without the use of abrasive blasting or hazardous chemistry to etch the substrate.

Surface Activation® exposes the surfaces of the polymer to a mixture of reactive gases that change the atomic structure of the polymer surface down to 25 microns. The surface becomes polar making it water wettable. This results from an increase in the surface energy, or dyne level, and a reduction in surface tension.

Surface Activation®

• Increases adhesion of platings through chemical bonds instead of mechanical ones.

Minimizes any degradation to the polymer surface. Fine details are preserved

• Causes no change to the dimensions or physical characteristics of the polymer.

• Is a permanent treatment. There is no time limit before an activated part must be used.

Platings on PEEK and Ultem® pass Mil-38999 thermal shock testing, and can create solder pull values in excess of 750 PSI. Surface Activation Technologies has in-house capability to plate samples for your evaluation. We have Instron, Contact Angle, SEM-EDAX and FTIR testing capability.

Adhesion (lb./in.)


Non Activated Ultem
Untreated Ultem®2300 - 30% glass

Surface Activated Ultem
Surface Activated® Ultem®2300
30% glass. Magnification=1900X

No Activation on PEEK
Untreated PEEK

Surface Activated PEEK
Surface Activated® PEEK

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